My next book is a little…fishy

I’m taking a short break from Demonic Café to finally write the mermaid book I’ve been threatening to write for ages. I like what I have of it so far, but it’s difficult. The stakes are much lower than they are in Demonic Café, but there still needs to be urgency to what’s happening…I’m not going to have mermaids just sitting around and drinking lattes (although, now that I think about it, that’s exactly the sort of thing I would do; I need to resist the urge.)

For my own for-fun reading lately, I’ve been gobbling cozy witch mysteries, which is fun, but the problem is, I’m starting to think in cozy mysteries. I just got up to a part in the mermaid book where I feel like someone needs to discover a body, and I have to remind myself that I’m not actually writing a murder mystery. I should probably be reading books on deep sea life to get into the proper mood, but I’m not sure they have a lot of those in Kindle Unlimited….

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