Sam and Cassie Meet

Back a million or so years ago, when I was drawing a comic with proto-versions of these characters, Cassie and Sam had a very different dynamic. Here she’s just asked Dwight what would happen if she just didn’t wear her apron at work that day, and Sam sneaks up behind her and says “It would be catastrophic. Trees and marble notebooks would lose their leaves. Entire continents, submerged underwater.” Cassie at this point had not even met him and did not know he was there.

Sounds different from the Sam you know, right? Comic Sam liked messing with people in a very poetic sort of way. Book-Sam is too worried about people being afraid of him to indulge in that sort of thing. Sometimes I miss Comic Sam, but he doesn’t fit in this world. He had a kind of subtle darkness, whereas book Sam has very UNSUBTLE darkness that pretty much punches you in the face when we first meet him. I don’t think it’s better or worse this way, just different.

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