Yearning for Australia

The above is a photo my Uncle Mary took in Brisbane’s West End neighborhood. In the second book of my romance novella series, which I’m working on now, Daniel and Nora visit Australia. I’ve been trying to figure out where a certain character might live in the city, and my aunt and uncle have been generous enough to send me their thoughts and photos.

I purposely picked Brisbane as a location because it’s one of the few places outside the East Coast of the US that I’ve actually visited; however, my visit was practically a lifetime ago. I visited in the mid-90s, as a child. Any city would have changed in nearly 25 years, but from what I understand, Brisbane has changed more than most. When I visited there wasn’t much to do in the city proper; most of the attractions my family took me to see were on the Gold Coast, or over the border in New South Wales. Now, Brisbane is a full-fledged international city, filled with all the coffee shops, festivals and art galleries you could want.

Now I wish I could go back to Australia again, and I guess that’s the danger of writing this series. It’s supposed to be about experiencing, through fiction, the joy of exploring a place you haven’t been (or in this case, a place you visited so long ago that it’s changed completely), but I can’t help but want to visit in reality the more I research. It’s not completely out of the question that I could visit Australia again, but I’d have to conquer my fear of flying…not impossible, but hard to grapple with.

The thought of that 16-hour flight makes me want to hide under my bed and never leave, but then I think about the look on my little girl’s face at the sight of kangaroos, and I think maybe…maybe….

Rescued From Retail 2: Brisbane will hopefully be out by November. I’m trying to have a trilogy of them out before the end of 2019, but we’ll see how it goes. I may post more about Australia as I fantasize about going there do more research.