The Hollows Fan Art

Over on Goodreads, Kim Harrison is leading a read-along of her The Hollows urban fantasy series, leading up to the release of a new book in 2020. The Hollows is one of my favorite series, and undeniably a big inspiration on my own fiction.

For a while I had a love-hate relationship with it because as much as I enjoyed the books, some things about the story just didn’t make sense to me. My husband found it amusing how I would rant and rave about the things I didn’t like about the series, yet would devour each new book in one or two sittings. What I’ve eventually come to realize is that I like the series so much that the few parts I don’t like really bug me, and that’s okay. Now the love-hate angle is fading and I just love it outright.

I started drawing some fanart for the series and found it a lot of fun. I know, I know, I should be drawing my own characters, but sometimes it’s fun to take a break from your own world and visit someone else’s. Besides, I used the portrait of Trent and Jenks to test out the drawing capabilities of my Surface Pro, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while. So that’s totally productive, right?

Take a gander at this here fanart. If you don’t know who any of these people are, try reading The Hollows; if you like urban fantasy, chances are you’ll really enjoy it.

Rachel, as she’s first described in Dead Witch Walking, complete with a tiny Jenks. Jenks is too big here though.
More Rachel and Jenks. This would be fun to color.
My first attempt at Trent, complete with Confused Mink Rachel. I think Confused Mink Rachel should become a meme. I’d like to do a more finished version of this, which would require looking up a model for Trent’s suit. I still can’t draw suits well without a reference :'(
Trent and Jenks! I think I finally got the size of Jenks right…well, close anyway. This is the image I used to test out my Surface Pro 6. So far I’m really happy with it as a drawing tablet.

Little Demonic Comics

I’ve been posting these little Demonic Cafe comics to Instagram, just for fun. I found a tiny little sketchbook with pre-drawn panel borders, and it was too cute not to use for something. I was thinking that if I did enough of these, eventually I could compile them into some kind of little book, but in some ways, making it project-oriented could defeat the purpose; I like the idea of them just being fun little doodles.

It’s a challenge to draw in such a tiny sketchbook (the shot of the pencil in the third image gives you an idea of the scale), but in some ways I think that’s better; makes me stop obsessing and just get the basic idea down. I look forward to doing more of these, during those little gaps of time when I need a break from writing but I feel like doing something quasi-productive.