Little Demonic Comics

I’ve been posting these little Demonic Cafe comics to Instagram, just for fun. I found a tiny little sketchbook with pre-drawn panel borders, and it was too cute not to use for something. I was thinking that if I did enough of these, eventually I could compile them into some kind of little book, but in some ways, making it project-oriented could defeat the purpose; I like the idea of them just being fun little doodles.

It’s a challenge to draw in such a tiny sketchbook (the shot of the pencil in the third image gives you an idea of the scale), but in some ways I think that’s better; makes me stop obsessing and just get the basic idea down. I look forward to doing more of these, during those little gaps of time when I need a break from writing but I feel like doing something quasi-productive.

My New Home Online

Hi everyone, and welcome to my new author website, I’ve had various homes on the web over the years, but the more time I spent writing books, the more obvious it became that I needed a dedicated author website. Here you’ll find news about my upcoming books and all kinds of bonus content, including sketches and comics featuring my characters. I also plan to post about all the different challenges related to being an indie author and trying to get my books out there.