Price Drop on all Demons

I feel like one of those guys in a late-night infomercial. “Blow-Out prices! EVERYTHING MUST GO! YOU WON’T BELIEVE THESE PRICES!” That doesn’t really apply here, since even if I wanted to sell out of ebooks, I couldn’t (since there are technically an infinite number), but that’s kind of the mood I’m going for. I just dropped a bunch of prices, and now I feel pretty pumped.

My first book, The Problem with Black Magic first in the Demonic Cafe series, is now $.99. All other DC books are $2.99. I don’t know if these prices are going to stick, so if you’ve been planning to try out the series (or if you just need something to read when you need a break from your relatives over the holidays!), now is a good time. Of course, the books are all free to read for those with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions.